Spa & Fitness


At Butrinti Hotel & SPA we have anticipated all your requirements for the perfect gym. We have created a modern fitness center for you to help you stay in shape outside the home. Speed up your heart rate and start your day energized. With us, a fully equipped modern gym awaits you, which will cover all expectations for a perfect workout.

Discover the limits of your abilities by competing with yourself and experience the real pleasure of being stronger, more resilient and athletic. Refresh your daily life and feel the specific spirit of the workout.


All of us need some time to relax and rejuvenate. Our beautiful Spa provides a variety of luxurious treatments to revitalize, therapies that will restore balance between body and spirit. From manicures to massage, Jacuzzi and aromatherapy, we offer a range of facial and body treatments that best suits your personal needs.

Highly trained therapists will address your individual needs, nourishing your body and mind through a variety of distinct treatments and massages.Hotel Butrinti & Spa has everything you need to ensure your holiday memorable and magical.